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Organization committed to empowering students with dyslexia through educational technology, resources, webinars, and more.

Welcome to Dyslessia. Our main goal is to help students with dyslexia reach their full potential for free. This simple approach has effectively fueled our growth since we initiated our organization in 2018. We would love to get in touch - please browse our site to discover what we’re all about.


Since 2018, we have stayed committed to empowering the dyslexic community through technology. We started our initiatives with a multisensory Android Application called Dyslessia to target phonemic awareness, reading comprehension, and spelling for dyslexic students. Since then, we have branched our initiatives to serve students with dyslexia to the best of our capabilities.



Empowering students with dyslexia, one word at a time

Read below to learn about the range of initiatives we have taken in the past and are currently in the process of taking. We’re constantly growing and expanding our organization, so if you have something in mind that we don’t yet have, we’d love to hear about it.



We developed Dyslessia, a multisensory app that targets phonemic awareness, spelling, and reading comprehension amongst students with dyslexia. The app is completely free and widely accessible with inbuilt audio assistance. The app is currently available on the Google Play Store (beta version, not yet compatible on newer devices) and the App Store (compatible on i phone 8+ and newer). 

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As we are committed to empowering all dyslexic students regardless of financial status, we are organizing a donation drive for the Dyslexia Services Foundation (DSF). The Dyslexia Services Foundation provides research-backed professional evaluation and treatment for dyslexic children from low-income families who would otherwise not receive the education they need. Your actions will make a significant difference and have the power to change students' lives, so please consider making a contribution and helping us reach our goal below!



Over the past two years, we have collaborated with over 50 dyslexia educators, organizations, and students with dyslexia to best cater to their needs. We work closely with such individuals to offer the best dyslexia resources for reference on our website and love collaborating to learn more! This is an image of our July 2020 webinar speakers practicing together!

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Throughout the first few months of 2021, we are interviewing different member of the dyslexic community! All interview summaries and video recordings are posted on our website under our "Initiatives" tab. Every individual's story is incredibly personal, unique, and inspiring.


Cupertino, California

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